Jefferson Mortgage Group LLC

Jefferson Mortgage Group LLC


Jefferson Mortgage Group LLC is a licensed mortgage provider serving all of Virginia, Maryland, DC and Pennsylvania with a primary focus on government insured HECM Reverse Mortgages. We work with Financial Planners & Advisors, Legal & Health Professionals, as well as clients and their families to help retirees and active adults gain a level of independence by paying off their mortgages, supplementing their retirement income, and establishing easy home equity access and innovative cost effective mechanisms for long term care solutions.

Further, we help homeowners with practical strategies that utilize a Reverse Mortgage to balance debt for a more secure retirement, obtain a safer means of leverage so they can live comfortably within their means, and access home equity for emergencies and funds for in-home care. We also assist homeowners with the HECM for Purchase as an attractive vehicle for downsizing their homes. These are just some of the benefits a reverse mortgage can provide homeowners in retirement.

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